Nao Hiro Rainy "Happy" Days

Nao Hiro Rainy "Happy" Days
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Monday, January 14, 2008

Tamago Kake Gohan- hiro

One of my friend who is in Ohio went back to Japan about few weeks ago for few weeks, and she was talking about how much she missed Japanese food and how much she loves Japanese food on her blog. I have to say, reading her blog made me miss one Japanese dishes the most!!

Well, have you heard of "Tamago Kake Gohan"??
"Tamago" means "Egg". "Kake" means over or cover, and "Gohan" means rice.
Yes, I miss Egg Bowl!!!!
I think most of you won't believe what I am going to say next, and some of you may feel bit grotesque...because there is not habit like that here in US.

Let me tell you how to make the Egg Bowl.
First you need to cook rice, right? I recommend you to use Japanese Rice because Japanese rice has more moist and chewy if you know what I mean.
And next step is to crack a egg in the another small bowl and add soy souse into it, and mix them together. Finally, you prepare a bowl of rice (better have small one) and put the mixed egg over the rice.
And eat them!!!!!

Yes, we use uncooked egg..... freaked out bit??
In Japan, all the eggs in store is so fresh and don't use chemical so much that we can eat egg without cooking. I have to say, this is the very best way to eat egg in Japan. BUT, please don't try this with regular egg that you can pick up at local stores here because I heard that one of my friend tried "Tamago Kake Gohan" here in US and she had pretty bad stomachache!!! You don't wanna get stomachache, do please don't try it!!!! If you want to try that bad, you can go to Japanese super market such us Mitsuwa and you can pick up fresh egg there.

It is such a simple dish, but I miss it so so much!!!!
Every time I go back to Japan, I just have to have it!!!!

Let's see.... what else I miss??
Hmm.... my mom home cooking:) I think she is the most talented chef in the whole world because she can change what ever is in refrigerator to amazing dishes!!! Hmmm... maybe I can introduce some of my favorite dishes one day with how to cook lesson.....

Love, Hiro