Nao Hiro Rainy "Happy" Days

Nao Hiro Rainy "Happy" Days
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No Music No Life --- Nao

Let's talk about a song that makes me sing along, and makes me happy: )The song is called "No Music No Life", sung by Cocco, who is a Japanese female singer from Okinawa, Japan. Her first album came out in 1997, and I fell in love with her songs right then. I feel like she doesn't make songs to sell; she makes them because the music springs out of her, at least it seems that way to me.

I lost her first album during the course of 11 years…and oh my god, I found it on Amazon! You have no idea how excited I was when I found it, and it was almost half the price! What's better than that?! While I was listening to the song I was thinking how music could touch/ inspire/ brighten up people's lives. I believe that everybody has a "singer" in them. You don't sing well? It doesn't matter whether you sing well or not. As long as you sing with and from your heart, you are a singer. I know you sing in the shower, in a car, in your room, etc!
Anyways, music is amazing, because it brings back memories from years and years ago. Like this song, “No Music No Life,” I haven't listened to this song for more than 7-8 years, but once I listened to it again, (Thanks to Amazon!) I remembered the time I was listening to the song; I was riding a bicycle down on the street from a train station, singing along, thinking, "What does 'No Kidding' mean…?" I remembered the lyrics word for word even after 8 years. I just wish I could memorize everything like I memorize songs! Ha ha, I bet everybody has songs that are attached to special memories from the past. I hope you email me and tell me your story.

I want to share this song with you today. She sings, "No music, no life", and I'm totally with her. If there were no music, how boring our lives would be?!
Cocco sings "No Music No Life" in English, and some doesn't make any sense, but hope you all enjoy it!

No Music No Life

“No Smoking”? “No Parking”? “No Drinking”? “No Sex”? “No Kissing”? “ No Dancing”?
No! I can’t. No! I can’t stand it!
I want everything. I need everything, and I sing a song.
‘Cause that’s my life. ‘Cause that’s my life.
You know that’s my way.

“No Fighting”? “No Tears”? “No Crying”? “No Money”? “No More”?
No Kidding!
No! I can’t. No! I can’t stand it!
Baby, give me a break. I wanna go out, and I shout Yeah!
‘Cause that’s my life. ‘cause that’s my life.
You know I love you...

Keep singing!
Hugs, Nao