Nao Hiro Rainy "Happy" Days

Nao Hiro Rainy "Happy" Days
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Friday, January 18, 2008

Can't sleep at night.....:( -hiro

Hello! I hope all of you are having a good day so far!
I am sooooo sleepy lately.... I caught a cold last week, and I am still recovering from it.
These past few days, I've been coughing so hard at night that I can hardly fall asleep:(
Matter fact, I was up until 3am last night and had to get up 6:30am for work and training.... sight.
My mom sending me a prescription medicine from Japan, so I am hoping that would help with my coughing ...!!!

So, everyone, today is a Happy Friday, huh??
Got any exciting plan for holiday weekend??
Nao and I are going to Karaoki tomorrow and we are pretty excited about it!!
This Karaoke place has bonus hours, and it only cost $5 per person / hr !!!
So, this means that we will be there for....hmmm.....4-6 hours?! hehe.

Oh!! Nao introduced you her favorite song, so let me introduce you one of my favorite song too!!
Well, sorry guys.... the song is written in Japanese, but I though you may still enjoy the melody....

This song is called "Yasashii Kiss wo Shite", and it is written and song by a band called "Dreams Come True". Have you ever hard the band? The vocalist has amazing voice and she has been my hero since I first heard her song years ago. She is so cheerful, powerful and has always big and nice smile on her face. If you see her singing on stage, you can tell how much she loves singing!!! Search for her music video on Yu tube everyone!! hehe.

Yasashii Kiss Wo Shite

Anyway, "Yasashii Kiss wo Shite" means "Please give me a gentle kiss".
This song is telling how this lady feels about her loved one.... aaand this song is of course on my Karaoke list, and I will be singing tomorrow. Yeah!
Hope you enjoy the my favorite song!!