Nao Hiro Rainy "Happy" Days

Nao Hiro Rainy "Happy" Days
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Can the puppies help people? -Nao

"Tsuyu" is rainy season in Japanese. We'll have lots of raining in June in Japan. I really don't like rainy days, but if you put your mind in a right place, you can have fun even it's raining! Actually, it was raining for a couple of days in south cali about a week ago, and I saw a huge rainbow in the sky. I haven't seen a rainbow for a long time, so I was so excited!

Anyway, today I'd like to talk about my pets, Ninja and Buddha. They are really funny dogs. Ninja sounds like he can do lots of Ninja moves, like running really fast or jumping high, but actually my Ninja cannot even swim! I took him to a dog beach a couple of months ago, and he kind of fell in a tide pool, which wasn't deep at all. I saw his panicked face and he started to sink... I had to scoop him up from the tide pool. He was totally fine, but yeah, Ninja doesn't really live up to his name. And, Buddha, he is a barker. When you hear his name, Buddha, you imagine he would be so calm and peaceful, right? Nah, he is the aggressive one. I named him Buddha because when I got him he had the biggest belly in the puppy pan. Probably he was bullying other pups around and wasn't let them eat the food... that's maybe why he had such a big belly. But he is a very good boy and sweet puppy now. My love must have cured his mean spirits! Haha. I think it is great that there are many dog parks here. I have never seen a dog park in Japan. I think Japan is such a small country that they couldn't use the limited land to make parks for just dogs. Japanese dog owners walk their dogs in the neighborhood, so I guess it is ok, but dog parks are awesome! All the dogs can interact with each other, and make dog buddies. :-)
So, I have been thinking about making Ninja and Buddha "Therapy Dogs." There are some classes that they have to take, and they also have to pass a test to become certified therapy dogs. I don't think they can pass the test now, because they don't come when I call them... unless I have treats for them. Ha ha. But I really want to train them and take the test. When they become therapy dogs I'll volunteer at children's hospitals or nursing homes. So, they can make these unfortunate kids and elderly feel better and happier:-) My friend Jarikun thinks they might need another therapy after hanging out with Ninja and Buddha... haha Well, I will see... First, I have to find a training school for them!

"Do at least one good thing for others everyday, then you will be happier than yesterday." This is from my mom, and I believe it is true. If you are nice to others they will treat you nice as well:-)

Have a great sunday, everyone!


Monday, May 5, 2008

Kodomo no Hi (Boy's Day) -- Nao

Hello everyone!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! It's so cool that Americans can enjoy the holidays of other countries all around the year. Japanese do cerebrate American holidays, like Valentine's Day, Christmas Day, but these are mostly for couples.

Well, May 5th is a boy's day in Japan. 5 years old boys usually dress up in a kimono. Oh boy, they look so cute! For the Girls' day, we decorate our houses with dolls, and for the Boy's day we place a Kabuto (Samurai helmet and armor). If there is no boys in a household people do not really do anything on this date, but it is a national holiday, so everybody can enjoy the day off. I am not sure if you ever heard of this long holiday in Japan, called "Golden Week." We have about 4-5 days off from May 3rd, and it is like spring break for everybody in Japan. No school, no work. How awesome is that?! But I can say that this is the most horrible time to travel in Japan though because everyone is on the road or at the airport trying to go to their vacation destination. So, it is not that fun traveling during this time, but hey, nothing can beat a week off!

Anyways, let's talk about Origami Kabuto. Look at the image of the month, (it’ll be updated shortly!) our pets are wearing something, right? They are supposed to be a Kabuto, which samurai used to wear way back in samurai period. It was made of metal back then, but we cannot certainly make Kabuto for all boys, so we now make it with Origami! Most Japanese have made this Origami Kabuto when they were in a preschool or a daycare. It is very easy to make, and looks so awesome! I love folding origami, and I still make something with paper napkin at a restaurant while I enjoy conversation with my friends. I invented this Sneil looking chopstick holder. It sounds funny, right? Sneil? yeah, I know, but it looks really cute. Maybe I'll show you guys how to make it in the future. But for now, I found “How to make a Kabuto (samurai helmet) with Origami,” so I made a quick direction for you guys! Check this out! Hope you will all enjoy your first Kabuto!

Be good till next time!

Hug hug,