Nao Hiro Rainy "Happy" Days

Nao Hiro Rainy "Happy" Days
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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Twilight Zone marathon on New Year’s Eve - Nao

Well, there are only 4 days left till 2008. Are you guys planning anything fun for the New Year’s Eve? Hiro and I will be hanging out with our friends on New Year’s Eve. I think we’ll do some Karaoke too!

Karaoke is so much fun. If you live in L.A. area you should try out some Japanese Karaoke. There are tons of English songs too. The funny thing about a Japanese Karaoke place is that they have a machine that grades you based on how well you sing. Hiro and I usually bet who gets the highest score. The catch for this bet is that the loser has to pay for the Karaoke room. It’s about $5/ hour until 8pm, and after 8pm it’s $20/ hour. The price is different for each Karaoke place, but it could get expensive if you stay long. (Here is one Japanese Karaoke place. Check it out!
Karaoke Max) So, you know we get really serious about this bet! Anyways, I think the machine is not really accurate about checking tunes and notes, but I think it does measure how LOUD you sing. And here is how I know about this…

There are so many English songs that I love, but I decided to try “Thriller”. Of course, I did the dance move! Oh I’m not gonna talk about what I think about Michael Jackson here, but let me tell ya, he does have great songs. So anyways, I sang Thriller. Keep in mind, I don’t know the whole song, but I sang LOUD. I also did little Michael shouts, like “Aw!” here and there. Oh geez, Hiro was dying laughing. I think she was crying from laughing so hard.

Guess who won? MEEEEEE! Hiro was pretty upset that her beautiful voice was beat by Michael’s “AWWW!”. Hahaha Well, this is how we know you’ll get good score as long as you sing loud. So, if you ever bet at Japanese Karaoke place, just sing loud:-p

Hope you guys will try a Japanese Karaoke place one day. It’s really fun. To make it even better, they bring food and drinks to you also.

Hiro and I also hope that we will see our songs at a Karaoke place one day:-)

Even if you have plans for New Year’s Eve, I think you ought to make time to watch the Twilight Zone Marathon on the Sci-fi channel! I love them! Yes, they are old, but I think they are all good. My favorite episode is with a guy who wears thick glasses and loves to read. Nobody ever lets him read though. He soon finds that he is alone on Earth after becoming the sole survivor of a nuclear war. As luck would have it, he comes across a library filled with books. More books than he could ever read in his lifetime. The show ends when he breaks his glasses just as he about to read the books at library… so sad.

Come back tomorrow for Hiro’s blog and Japanese lesson update!
I’ll talk to you guys on 31st! Email me if you have any questions!
Don’t judge, don’t hate!
Hug hug, Nao